The Sims

Time Ago

I’ve compared upper-middle class to The Sims.

It is a game that watches people interacting at home and in the neighbour. There are no more requirements, except to keep your statistics high.

If its light indicates green, everything is fine.

The feeling I had throughout the game, at its launch in 2007, was surreal, it seemed like a greenhouse for humans and not any but very manageable: they only care about personal well-being and image.

It might seem healthy,

because being a closed-loop, minimalist lifestyle, it demanded very little attention and care, in fact you can control the Sims like the Tamagotchi eggs in simplicity. The scenarios are very clean, like a real estate agency map.

The characters remembers an episode of Black Mirror, in which a girl discovers that she has become AI, without escape; in this case without conscience.

Why do I need that, the so-called conscience?

1.It could be understood that carrots do not appear when clicked on screen

2.Would make clearer that the world is made up of more houses and people and not everyone lives in Silicon Valley.

3.Perhaps to assume that one does not have to become a character, maintained in an artificial way.

I should have played The Simpsons.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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