Cherish and Praise

Sound and beliefs

Dare to say that I am lucky. Being taught that God is a friend to me , as long as he does not request things. When that come to happens, is confusing, you can get lost and miss the point of your friendship.

The point is a place where no one bothers you. That is a good relation.


Take this same idea and put it into music.

Is universal, beyond words, therefore similar to the concept of any entity that only needs a receptor to confirm its existence, without depending on the condition to exist as itself.

Now, let me try to observe this throughout .

This is pop music , openly dedicated to an entity. It can be cheering but it would not lead me to understanding .
I see no brand, no connection to an idea, unless you know the text. If you understand Eminem: lucky you, you may be able to find the producer, independently, as long as listen an instrument, as long as someone is able to throw you that instrument to the head: that is cherish.
You can get friends on pop, but after years you listen rock and loose them all, by example, therefore there is need of reciprocal understanding over the base.

Mr Chomsky thinks that the language is 75.000 years old and produced by the same person, which we still understand ( given or taken) by default and subsequently by acquired specifics.

Trying to apply the same concept to psychology, I take diversity on interaction and there is a possible balance, I shall talk about this into a different article. ( Fritz Heider, Balance Theory)

Pursuing my goal of distinguish cheer from praise, take the next video at first sight.

This is a mixture. There is the brand, the sound is close to christian, until I listen on the piano.
Remember that an entity has no physical items nor features, no pop, no Eminem, no alike.
Rostropovich, by example, he was playing the cello like a god and Bach from inside of the church, yet he was a musician not even a priest. To more INRI, Rostropovich was known because of its great versatility to swap cello with a gun, is not easy to make friends when you point that out.
RIP. Pointed out, is not what you think if think public but a general accepted thinking, previously referenced by someone unbeatable, like Mr Chomsky.
This sounds like classic and no signs of cello.
Is how the Christians are praying in truth.
They gather priests into a church, near to a cross and they pray, many of them quietly.
This is not singing into a choir, because you will never listen an organ, harpsichord, shamisen, nor a thing that can recall a person like you and me: you cannot go in and do the Eminem either.

Independently, take away the cross. Take away the image. Take the microphone and take the audience too.
Look, let’s do this: let´s take our from scene but a quiet guy.
He pray.

You don´t listen on that is on his mind but you know you don´t have to bother.
He may get angry and punch you in the face.

– Let him be the one to decide to get back to you.

That is a belief and the guy becomes an entity to me.

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He has no obligation to be there, nor I to speak about to validate it .

I can listen on my mind, any sound, and that would make the music go on air, like real: get back like answer and make me feel Beethoven maybe; independently, if I need to relax I always choose him: he needs no validation at all.

To last, a video I like for the presentation to the end.
I am not keen on mindful as course but I see a good reflection
about self awareness.

The sound of a point of view.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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