6ix9ine and me at YouTube

Goonga stoopit or Who is talking

I cannot upload the last release because these kids are too summerish and Scotland is too cold climate.

69Tekashi analysis, on literacy basis

This feels like talking about Prince of Persia or Crash Bandicoot, with such beautiful colours.

Let us check on fans´s expressionist rewarding site.

Reporter on duty, OreJ.
I was looking for King Lion´s OST and hear a boy crying on deserted video landscape.


Please, you can not force a boy to sing for hours with such dry weather and can I not be force to read this terrible attack to language : – Lil Stil X, there is no such thing as millionaires but multi specialist to permacultural growth of currency.

Apart of this, I have no more inconvenience with the video landscape, save the boy.

Who is Tekashi SixNine Triferdew DonCanon to the public

Is a kid who cracked a behavioral code, apparently from a social repressive institution and now he sings at YouTube about it. I tried to listen as to interpret the language used.

I wish them the best, independently.

To end, a different kind of record, about ´cracking´ the music from shore, thank you for your kind attention and Romi M for the set up.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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