I do not quite understand this fetichism to letters

And I apologize

Therefore, I am clearly not a multitask

There must be a limit and is mine for sure, otherwise I would be sinning of fallacy, I cannot talk for truth what other feel or think, would be a clear assumption. 

With HTML, obviously I am not amused

Not to discover, again, that is impossible to read signs, associate Left-Right, issue a break to think about the next million of users, waiting on an answer of mine. I apologise, I seek for Mr. Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg is ignoring me. Asked them both, to facilitate my life, please, with an application to my SLD or PSTD, or whatever, to HTML.

They don´t do many backs, so.

To reality

Talking about love and peace, there is impossible to find any of it, not at home, nor workplace, which is the same to many.

And we all know that

We deserve love and you deserve love, and you all deserve care  

Instead I am being given pathways to shortcuts, that lead to Switzerland’s door. With these interests, is difficult not to remember sad life of Eminem and cry about mine: I lack of ability when httmling, he moans about mumbles and bumble bees.

Poor bees

I almost forgot. Remind me to tell you about this unpleasent curiosity.

Keep this in mind

Because, I give thousands of wee bee lovely hugs to any able to explain me a question. 

Even by pitty, It has been forty-eight hours by all means of knowledge and still have to ask :

¿CEO is a guy who runs my life from work and SEO is the application to network of the same kind of guy? 

I still need a miracle, to get me out of this classable shadisity, sluggishity, metaunforgettable, postfetichity, where I don´t understand myself nor the kid with HTML name, what to say about my poor bees. I have them, loads, in the backyard garden, they act like me when htmling too much.

They try to fly underground

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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