The importance of creation

I’m looking for the word that best defines my intentions. 

Every intention is created around an idea, which you intend to carry out: I want to. 

If I want to, I’m already creating  by default, a form that’s going to be mine, the only one I have available. 

My word is my form. 

When I sit in front of the keyboard, the whole process becomes mechanical, from which artificial intelligence takes over,  therefore  the word stops growing and only multiplies by  itself.   

All it brings is the speed of response, but the vessel has to be a human to continue to interpret my word emotionally. 

Google Analytics  doesn’t understand love. 

The new era of technology is very sad and lonely. 

You have to get gigabyte fruits. 

It was easier to draw dry stone´s water, there are certified stories that claim to have witnessed it. 

Prince Charming of a Tear(click title to follow the external link to translation), from original story by Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)

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