How to find Water

It may seem easy to look for a river and see it, especially when you live near Clyde, nevertheless the question is:

– How to get liquids from stone, if possible.

The Base is Google, not we?


Well, to be honest the name of the kind source is SciTechDaily, independently they follow the same idea and sounds plausible, at least on present grounds.

2. Mineralogy

From Minerals Research, The Canadian Museum of Nature´s blog, amazing by the way, informs us about the possibility of extracting, yes!, water from minerals.

Let´s see the cut:

Difficult not to observe the emotion of the researchers, well done them. Congratulations to the team and thank you so much for sharing with us the methods of extracting water from stone, is marvellous and also a very clear article.

3. Journalism

Orlando Sentinel

By Googles s order, a true pity that I cannot find out more or better details, but we store the address further, ok? Ok guys, cool, no worries , just take care. Hopefully, we shall find out soon enough how is the Orlando method of extracting, as we go ITyllically global and we are to make it to Mars

English Popular Literature

From the magnificent forum placed at Stackexchange, my last by images explanation, check the simplicity out.

Thanking all of them, I insist on following the strings:

  1. Hey, man, you owe me 100. Squeeze all you can but you get better blood from stone
  2. Water from a stone is likely a malformation
  3. Blood from a Turnip
  4. The yellow stone, in fact is a cheese.

Conclusion: We can go to Mars, yes.

But first , let´s YouTube search for our criteria.

Video, Video on the Wall, how to get Water at all?

If any absolute fan, of amazing Pink and Floyd, know how to extract from the Album the idea of squishing Water from Stone, please: – Let us find out.

The video choice is an absolute error of spelling, deep apologies.

Water from stone, please

Water from whatever mineral

I give up on water

Thank you all for standing such a long article, yet not ended .

Water by magic

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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