Barks from Barcelona


I was once a happy chap, until this lady came, and it was 2012 and such a sunny day.

Thirsty, I try to make way to a fountain, near, but she was so keen on taking me pictures and I was like: Hello there, you don’t seem to understand puppish, now let me tell you this and she was like: Awwww, what a cutie, common, I won’t hurt you and I like: You already hurt my years and gravely violate my privacy and she awwwwwed back to me a couple of hundred times.

Afterward, she got lost on the city’s streets.


As I am telling you, such an annoying habit on tourists to take all the hearts with them.

Therefore, I cursed all humans, do not forget about Barcelona, be forced to come visit, so I can steal all the drinking water they carry.

How about this, aww ladies?


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