On how to Socialise

There are many ways to socialise, nevertheless just a valid one: to do so you need friends.

To make friends, there is only one rule: you don’t bother. You don’t go and kick out of your country the guests, you don’t take Crimea, you don’t watch pornography, you don’t harm toddlers, I mean, you don’t do nothing but breath.

Also, if you are not Einstein or Freud, don´t talk about them as if known, talk about yourself and truth, and you shall do so for the rest of you life.

Once you started to breath your truth, the path is easier, or at least clearer to any, so hate it or not they have to get used to you. When this moment comes, there are a couple of choices but stick with one and don’t be a bother. If you are not a bother you don’t get to need ventilators.

You can always read a brief of Lord of Flies or The Catcher in the Rye, see some good people´s deeds on movies, independently be always useful or don’t interfere, unless your deepest conscious tells you so and get ready to defend that idea.

I like you, because you are reading me, but get out of here and go make some friends.

They would let me know your story and if I am curious, I shall ask for details.


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