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Providing a mix of reflections and creativity, deep thoughts and inner views the aim is to get the mind out for a while and let it dream.

On how to Socialise

There are many ways to socialise, nevertheless just a valid one: to do so you need friends. To make friends, there is only one rule: you don’t bother. You don’t go and kick out of your country the guests, you don’t take Crimea, you don’t watch pornography, you don’t harm

On How to be the owner of your life

It has been a long road I am forty eight and lost my name or life style many times around this beautiful Europe of ours. I have felt like Twain, Shania, at the times, confused, I was so many different things that I grow fed up: -Am I a woman,

Barks from Barcelona

Who? I was once a happy chap, until this lady came, and it was 2012 and such a sunny day. Thirsty, I try to make way to a fountain, near, but she was so keen on taking me pictures and I was like: Hello there, you don’t seem to understand

The importance of creation

I’m looking for the word that best defines my intentions.  Every intention is created around an idea, which you intend to carry out: I want to.  If I want to, I’m already creating  by default, a form that’s going to be mine, the only one I have available.  My word

There is so much silence at this Universe

No wonder is quiet World stopped since the last online work No telephone, no wind around the garden, just a terrible silence. POETRY FROM ABOVE

I do not quite understand this fetichism to letters

There are days when you cry and other when you cry worse. After all, there is this thing called htmling.

6ix9ine and me at YouTube

Talking about finding at YouTube channel

Cherish and Praise

Now, take away the cross. Take away the image. Take the microphone and take the audience too.
Look, let’s do this: let´s take our from scene but a quiet guy.

The book store

Luisa´s style is so amazing, you would be happy to have her taking care of the editing process, likewise a book on the most appropriate shelf.

Throwback April

Therefore a reaction to reflect a deep thought seem necessary.

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